About the SYPT

Please register online for the 2015 SYPT shortlisting here by 24 Oct 2014 (Fri). [extended deadline from 10 Oct 2014]

Details of shortlisting

  • Dates:  15 Nov 2014 (Sat) – Cat B, 22 Nov 2014 (Sat) – Cat A
  • Time: 8am-6pm (Schedule for each school will be given after the registration is closed)
  • Venue: River Valley High School (Exact venue will be given after the registration is closed)


Please register online for the 2015 SYPT shortlisting briefing at http://tinyurl.com/2015-SYPT-briefing  by 1  Aug 2014 (Fri). [Briefing is over and the registration is closed]

Details of briefing

  • Conducted by: RVHS (hosting school for SYPT 2015) and Dr Yeo Ye (NUS, IYPT IOC member) 
  • Date:  7 Aug 2014 (Thurs)
  • Time: 3-6pm
  • Venue: NUS, Science Faculty, LT 26


The Singapore Young Physicists’ Tournament (SYPT) is a competition among teams of students in their ability to solve complicated physics problems, to present solutions to these problems in a convincing way, and to defend them in scientific discussions called Physics Fights.

The competition seeks to bring students through a process of what real physicists do, from research to modelling to experimentation and finally to an oral defence before peers and experts. The SYPT provides opportunities to develop our budding physicists and promotes a new and exciting way in the learning of physics. The members of the team to represent Singapore at the next International Young Physicists’ Tournament (IYPT) will be selected from the participants of the SYPT.

The IYPT International Organising Committee (IOC) decides on 17 problems to be used for the tournament. These problems involve different aspects of Physics and are often related to phenomena that confront us in our everyday lives. The IYPT problems are deliberately formulated in an open-ended way, and cannot be solved within a short time using standard methods in an examination.

The challenge of the IYPT is not only to prepare a scientifically good and correct solution, but also to present this solution in a convincing way and to respond spontaneously to the criticisms and solutions of the other teams. This learning model is close to the actual process of science from framing a question to investigating possible solutions to proposing and defending the final solution.

The problems for IYPT 2015 can be found at http://iypt.org/images/8/87/problems2015.pdf. The SYPT is a scaled-down and modified version of the IYPT, making use of the IYPT problems.



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