About the IYPT

The International Young Physicists’ Tournament (IYPT) was first organised in Moscow in 1988.

Singapore first participated in the IYPT in 2009 when it was  hosted in Tianjin, China. The Singapore team performed well at this yearly competion and went on to win the championships at the 23rd (Vienna, 2010),  26th (Taipei, 2013), 27th IYPT (Shrewbury, United Kingdom, 2014), 28th IYPT (Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand, 2015) and 29th IYPT (Ekaterinburg, Russia, 2016).

The 29th IYPT was held in held at Ekaterinburg, Russia from 26th June to 3rd July 2016.  The team from Singapore clinched the 1st position in a field of 29 countries and was awarded the gold medal at this year IYPT.  Singapore is the first country to be in the 1st position for four consecutive years.

The Singapore team put in a highly commendable effort to clinch the championships out of the 29 participating countries at the 29th IYPT by having the highest score in all fights including the final fight with Germany and Switzerland. Watch the exciting fight by clicking this link. With this win, Singapore becomes the first country to win the championship for four consecutive years.


The 2016 Singapore team comprised Lendermann Markus Paul Zhi-Guang and Li Kang Chen from NUS High School of Mathematics and Science as well as Wittmann Goh Ghin Fong (team captain), Lim Jun Heng and Muzammil Arif Din S/O Abdul Jabbar from Raffles Institution.


The team was led by Dr Yeo Ye from the Department of Physics, National University of Singapore, Ms Lim Siew Eng from Raffles Institution, Mr Leong Tze Kwang from the Ministry of Education, Mr Daniel Mark Keat Kay and Mr Pay Shieu Ming Daryl, coaches and ex-IYPT participants.


The 30th IYPT will be held in Singapore (National University of Singapore) from 5 to 14 Jul 2017.




Photo of IYPT delegate 2015


The 2015 Singapore team comprised Lim Jun Heng, Wittmann Goh Ghin Fong, Lee Yu Tse and Shen Yu Jun from Raffles Institution and Koh Jin Ming from NUSH.



The team was led by Dr Yeo Ye from the National University of Singapore, Mr Sze Guan Kheng from Raffles Institution, coach and ex-IYPT participant Mr Huan Yan Qi, and Ms Tan Joy, Curriculum Planning Officer from the Ministry of Education.



2015 IYPT Final Fight
2016 IYPT Final Fight